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 The Rodfather- Trophy Salmon fishing on Lake Michigan

Join us for the Experience of fishing the biggest freshwater fish in North America in Michigan City, Indiana. King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Steelhead, Lake and Brown Trout are the targets, and we aim to not only get numbers but size as well. I have found my clients love fishing as much as I do, and why not to fish for the big ones.
   I will teach you the equipment;
     We will have from 9 to 20 lines in the water starting with down rigger rods, torpedo rods, dipsy rods on the gunrails. Next setting the board rods with surface lines, lead core, torpedos, and copper wire. All important parts in the spread to entice the fish.   
    Next we fine tune your fighting skills. Keeping the fish hooked as the he charges the surface, and makes repeated runs away from you.  I help you get these bad boys to the boat as your team nets them. Your group is the team!
    Upon return I'll clean your catch or teach you my tricks for cleaning, bag them for  takeing home to the grill or freezing.
    The King Salmon fishing is awesome, a one of kind experience fighting large fish up to and over 20 pounds. We leave the Port of Michigan City from Washington Park and will travel the southern basin of Lake Michigan pursuing the salmon. Come and join me, Captain Jeff Eck  for an experience on a charter boat you will never forget! Then, when your ready, come back and fish in a Great Lakes Tournament aboard The Rodfather. In early spring our coustomers join us for fishing several tournaments right out of Michigan City. 

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